America is a nation of immigrants, and we are a stronger nation because of it. However, our current immigration system is broken and in need of repair. We need comprehensive reform that that rewards individuals who play by the rules, allows children of immigrants to get a college education, provides a pathway to citizenship for families who have been here for generations, and establishes a guest worker program for those here doing jobs Americans don’t want to do.

I am a third generation Italian-American on my mother’s side, whose great grand-parents immigrated from Italy to America. Today, as they have been since our nation was founded, immigrants are an essential part of our society and culture. Leaders in both business and government are helping make our nation better every day. I have no doubt our nation would be weaker without the diversity of our immigrant population.

Unfortunately, our current immigration system is broken and we need comprehensive immigration reform. I believe we need immigration policies that are fair and practical, rewarding individuals who play by the rules and punishing those who break the law.

During my time in Congress, I have supported many immigration reform proposals that would increase immigration enforcement policies, while also supporting policies that would help immigrants who are suffering due to our broken system. Most recently I introduced a bill that would help military and veteran families more easily gain citizenship. I also support bills that would give immigrant children access to education benefits, create workable guest worker programs for our agricultural workers and eliminate discrimination of same-sex couples from gaining immigration status for their partners.

Immigration reform is a priority of mine and I can assure you I will work with my colleagues in the House of Representative to bring effective and meaningful change to this issue.