House Passes Thompson Bill to Address Gun Violence and Save Lives

Press Release


Washington – Today, the House of Representatives voted to pass Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-05)’s H.R. 7910, the Protecting Our Kids Act. Rep. Thompson introduced this bill alongside House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (NY-10) and Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Subcommittee Chairwoman Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18). This bill joins Rep. Thompson’s H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, as the most substantial gun violence prevention legislation to pass the House.

“The heartbreaking mass shootings in Buffalo, Uvalde, and Tulsa, along with the everyday gun violence that often goes unreported must be addressed to save lives, and the House took action today to do just that,” said Thompson. “After each mass shooting, we hear the same thing from the other side: they offer their thoughts and prayers. The Protecting Our Kids Act is more than thoughts and prayers. Every provision in the Protecting Our Kids Act is consistent with the Second Amendment and will save lives. I was proud to work with Chairman Nadler, Chairwoman Jackson Lee, and all of our colleagues who have contributed bills and provisions to this final package.

“As a hunter, gun owner, and combat veteran, I know that raising the age to buy certain assault weapons will save lives. I know limiting magazine capacity will save lives. I know going after gun traffickers saves lives. I know safe storage saves live. I know that regulating bump stocks and banning ghost guns will save lives.

“Senate Republicans must put the lives of our children, neighbors, and community members above their own political career. The moment has found us, and the time to act is now.”

The Protecting Our Kids Act would:

  • Raise the lawful age to purchase a semiautomatic centerfire rifle from 18 to 21 years old
  • Establish a new federal offense for the import, sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of a large capacity magazine, with exceptions for certain law enforcement uses and the possession (but not sale) of grandfathered magazines; allow state and local governments to use the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program to compensate individuals who surrender large capacity magazines through a buyback program
  • Establish new federal offenses for gun trafficking and straw purchasers and authorize seizure of the property and proceeds of the offense
  • Establish voluntary best practices for safe firearm storage and award grants for Safe Firearm Storage Assistance Programs
  • Establish requirements to regulate the storage of firearms on residential premises; create criminal penalties for violation of the requirements
  • Build on ATF’s regulatory bump stock ban by listing bump stocks under the National Firearms Act and statutorily banning the manufacture, sale, or possession of bump stocks for civilian use
  • Build on ATF’s regulatory ban of ghost guns by ensuring that ghost guns are subject to existing federal firearm regulation by amending the definition of “firearm” to include gun kits and partial receivers and changing the definition of “manufacturing firearms” to include assembling firearms using 3D printing.

Following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, then-Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi appointed Rep. Mike Thompson Chairman of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. This group, consisting of more than 185 Members of Congress, is devoted to finding commonsense solutions to our nation’s ongoing gun violence epidemic.