Thompson, McBath, Neguse, Scott, Kelly of Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Mark New Action on Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act

Press Release


Washington – Today, Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Chair Mike Thompson (CA-04), Rep. Lucy McBath (GA-07), Assistant Leader Joe Neguse (CO-02), Rep. Bobby Scott (VA-03), and Rep. Robin Kelly (IL-02) held a press conference marking Rep. McBath’s discharge petition filed this morning on the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act (H.R. 3018).

“Extreme risk protection orders save lives by providing law enforcement and concerned families and friends with a tool to disarm someone who poses a danger to themselves or others. California became one of the first states to enact a red flag law in 2016 and it has already been credited with stopping 58 mass shootings. It only makes sense to bring H.R. 3018 to a vote to help ensure these laws are implemented nationwide,” said Rep. Thompson.

“Today’s announcement marks the next step in our mission to save as many lives as possible through common-sense policies,” said Rep. McBath. “Extreme risk protection orders are already saving lives in Republican and Democratic states, allowing law enforcement and family members to intervene before it’s too late. My bill will expand these protections from coast to coast and give every American another tool to keep their communities safe. Our ‘gun-sense’ Democratic Caucus will continue to pursue every legislative solution we can to save lives.”

“We know that red flag laws will in fact, do in fact, save lives. These laws have often been passed on a bipartisan basis in a variety of different states across the country, again including Colorado. This should not and cannot be a partisan issue, because fundamentally, it is a public health issue, evidenced, of course, by the Surgeon General's announcement just yesterday regarding the epidemic and scourge of gun violence impacting communities from Atlanta to Chicago to California to Colorado. So, inaction is not an option," said Assistant Democratic Leader Neguse.

“Extreme risk protection orders are an effective means of reducing immediate threats of gun violence while also protecting due process,” said Rep. Scott. “These laws are already enacted in multiple states. I am proud to support the federal red flag law that allows law enforcement and family members to intervene swiftly when needed.”

"Extreme risk protection orders, also known as red flag laws, save lives. They are a popular and commonsense measure to temporarily take away guns from someone who might harm themselves or others. Congress must do everything in its power to save lives from gun violence. I'm grateful for my friend and colleague in this fight, Rep. Lucy McBath, for urging her bill forward with full expediency,” said Rep. Kelly.

H.R. 3018 would establish nationwide access to extreme risk protection orders through federal courts; improve the implementation of existing state extreme risk laws and encourage more states to adopt these laws by providing grant funding to states with laws that meet certain standards.

Rep. McBath filed a discharge petition for H.R. 3018 this morning. A discharge petition is a rarely-used procedure by which a bill can be brought to the floor for a vote once it reaches 218 signatories. Rep. Thompson led the House’s most recent successful discharge petition in May of this year.

Gun violence prevention advocacy groups also expressed support for the advancement of H.R. 3018 today:

“So many shootings and suicides are slow-motion tragedies, and extreme risk protection orders allow law enforcement and loved ones to push ‘Pause’ with a court’s approval and temporarily remove a firearm from someone who poses a danger to themselves or others. We applaud the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force for championing this lifesaving legislation, which is a proven way to intervene before shots are fired,” said John Feinblatt, President of Everytown for Gun Safety.

"Extreme risk protection orders help keep us safe by ensuring guns don’t end up in the wrong hands. Representative McBath’s bill not only passed the House last Congress, but did so with bipartisan support, meaning Democrats and Republicans agree that Extreme Risk Protection Orders save lives. We urge Congress to bring this bill to the floor for a vote, and appeal to both sides of the aisle to pass this meaningful legislation to make Extreme Risk Protection Orders the law of the land,” said Emma Brown, GIFFORDS Executive Director.