Thompson Presents Check for $1.4 Million to County of Napa for Wildfire Mitigation and Infrastructure Improvement

Press Release


Washington – Today, Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-04) presented a check for $1,383,069 to the County of Napa for the Lake Hennessey & Deer Park Fuel Reduction and Community Infrastructure Protection project.

Thompson Presents Check for 1.4 Million to County of Napa for Wildfire Mitigation

“This project will help protect critical local infrastructure—including the local water treatment plant, hospital, and a key evacuation route—from wildfires,” said Thompson. “I was glad to work with Napa County officials to help fund the Lake Hennessey & Deer Park Fuel Reduction and Community Infrastructure Protection project to make our community safer.”

“This exemplifies our ongoing collaboration to serve our communities as we pursue the goal of creating a fire-resilient community,” said Cal Fire Chief Kirk van Wormer.

"We are so grateful to Congressman Thompson for securing these funds to help Napa County further improve our wildfire resiliency. These important fuel reduction projects will help us better protect residents around Deer Park and Lake Hennessey, as well as Adventist Health St. Helena Hospital, and the water treatment plant while also building on the extensive work the County has done over the years,” said Napa County Supervisor Anne Cottrell. 

“The funds secured by Congressman Thompson for Napa County will help to complete two priority wildfire resilience projects that will protect residents and critical infrastructure. Fuel reduction of the forests near the Lake Hennessy and Adventist Hospital facilities are significant steps towards achieving a Napa County that is safer from wildfire,” said Joseph Nordlinger, CEO of Napa Firewise. 

"As a survivor of the 2020 Glass Fire, I can personally attest to the life-saving importance of projects like the Lake Hennessey & Deer Park Fuel Reduction. Reducing hazardous fuels around key infrastructures such as the Lake Hennessey Water Treatment Plant, Adventist Health Hospital, and improving Highway 128 is not just about protecting facilities—it's about safeguarding our community's future and ensuring swift evacuation routes for residents and first responders. In moments of crisis, these measures can make all the difference between devastation and survival,” said Ian MacMillan, survivor of the 2020 Glass Fire along with his family members Dana, Kai, Ava, and Zoe MacMillan.

The Lake Hennessey & Deer Park Fuel Reduction and Community Infrastructure Protection project will help reduce and eliminate hazardous fuels near the Lake Hennessey Water Treatment Plant and Adventist Health Hospital in the Lake Hennessey and Deer Park areas of Napa County. This will reduce wildfire risk to the area.

In addition, the funding will support better fuel load management for State Highway 128, permanently improving a key access and evacuation route for residents and first responders.

About Community Project Funding (CPF)

Rep. Thompson secured funding for this project through Congress’ FY2024 Community Project Funding process.

Each year, Members of Congress may direct federal funding to a select number of Community Projects through the appropriations process. Under this process, each House member is permitted to submit 15 project requests to the Appropriations Committee on behalf of their Congressional District so long as the projects meet criteria set forth by the Committee. There are no guarantees that Community Projects will all be funded, and the projects are competitively evaluated by the Committee on Appropriations.

Project selection and submissions is the first stage of the process for Community Project Funding. The projects are subject to a strict transparency and accountability process before they may be selected for inclusion in the relevant appropriations legislation for the upcoming year.

The other FY2024 Community Project Funding secured by Rep. Thompson for Napa County includes:

  • $959,752 for the Water Treatment Plant Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System/Microgrid in St. Helena
  • $800,000 for the Napa River Ecology Center