Thompson Reaffirms Support for Peaceful Protests, Denounces Rise of Hate Crime and Hate Speech

Press Release


Washington – Today, Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-04) reaffirmed support for people’s right to peacefully protest and denounced the recent rise in hate crimes and hate speech reported in communities across the Bay Area and the country:

“Many students in our community and across our country are speaking out on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. I’m a strong supporter of people’s right to protest—it’s a vital part of our democracy. But those engaging in this sacred civil right have a responsibility to voice their concerns in a peaceful manner that prioritizes the safety of their peers and fellow community members. 

“I am deeply alarmed by the rising reports of hate crimes and hate speech in our community and across our country—including local reports of families waking up to find their homes have been graffitied with hate symbols. There’s no room for hatred in the Fourth District or elsewhere in our country. No one should feel unsafe in their community and among their neighbors," said Thompson.