Thompson Sponsors Legislation to Outline Limitations for use of Military Force in Middle East. Resolution limited to three years, replaces prior authorization

Press Release


Washington – Today, Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-05), announced he would cosponsor a resolution to define limited terms for the use of military force in the Middle East.

“After today’s classified briefing on Syria, there is no doubt that Congress must pass a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) and specify the limitations under which the president can use military force to protect our national security,” said Thompson. “The president must not conduct action unilaterally – our constitution lays out a process under which the president must work with Congress to specifically define and execute military strategy. That’s why I’ve cosponsored Congressman Schiff’s resolution to narrowly outline the scope under which necessary and appropriate force can be taken under consultation with Congress. We must have a clear strategy, as we cannot commit our men and women in uniform to a drawn out conflict with no clear path forward.”

Lead by Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff, H.J.Res. 100, the Consolidated Authorization for Use of Military Force Resolution authorizes the president to use necessary force to protect our nation’s security against Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Afghan Taliban, and other enemies for three years, repealing prior authorizations. Click here to learn more about this resolution.