Thompson Statement on Bipartisan Senate Gun Violence Prevention Agreement

Press Release

Posted: June 15, 2022

Washington – Today, House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Chair Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-05) released the following statement after a bipartisan group of senators, led by Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), announced an agreement to combat gun violence.

“Americans are demanding action to help end the mass shootings and the, often unreported, daily gun violence,” said Thompson. “The bipartisan agreement announced by the Senate today is the first major agreement in the Senate to act on gun violence prevention in 30 years and is an important step to help protect our communities and save lives. While the deal does not go as far as the House-passed bills, it represents a change in the national sentiment towards gun violence prevention. We still have more work to do, we can’t pass up an opportunity to pass life-saving provisions when we have agreement. I am committed to working with the overwhelming majority of Americans who are desperate for action on gun violence.

“I applaud Senator Murphy for his leadership and commitment to finding agreement on provisions that will save lives and help protect our communities. The Senate must swiftly pass this agreement to save lives — there is no reason for delay.”

The proposal announced by the bipartisan group of senators includes:

Support for State Crisis Intervention Orders (known as Red Flag Laws)

  • Provides resources to states and tribes to create and administer laws that help ensure deadly weapons are kept out of the hands of individuals whom a court has determined to be a significant danger to themselves or others, consistent with state and federal due process and constitutional protections.

Investment in Children and Family Mental Health Services

  • National expansion of community behavioral health center model; major investments to increase access to mental health and suicide prevention programs; and other support services available in the community, including crisis and trauma intervention and recovery.

Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

  • Convicted domestic violence abusers and individuals subject to domestic violence restraining orders are included in NICS, including those who have or have had a continuing relationship of a romantic or intimate nature. This provision closes the boyfriend loophole.

Funding for School-Based Mental Health and Supportive Services

  • Invests in programs to expand mental health and supportive services in schools, including: early identification and intervention programs and school based mental health and wrap-around services.

Funding for School Safety Resources

  • Invests in programs to help institute safety measures in and around primary and secondary schools, support school violence prevention efforts and provide training to school personnel and students.

Clarification of Definition of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer

  • Cracks down on criminals who illegally evade licensing requirements and sell guns without a background check.

Telehealth Investments

  • Invests in programs that increase access to mental and behavioral health services for youth and families in crisis via telehealth.

Under 21 Enhanced Review Process

  • For buyers under 21 years of age, requires an investigative period to review juvenile and mental health records, including checks with state databases and local law enforcement.

Penalties for Straw Purchasing

  • Cracks down on criminals who illegally straw purchase and traffic guns.